A freelance designer/illustrator based in Seattle, WA.


Nikki McClure - How to Be a Cat
13 Jul, 2013 | Illustrator

Paper cut art has definitely been making a comeback in recent years, but I have yet to find an illustrator who arranges the medium as gracefully as Nikki McClure.

Eric Rohmann - Oh, No!
10 Jun, 2013 | Illustrator

Having experienced the occasional heart-ache of the printmaking process in college ("… Why did it not turn out the way I sketched it?!",) I can safely say that Eric Rohmann's woodcuts are something to be impressed by.

Bob Staake - Bluebird
12 May, 2013 | Illustrator

When I look through Bob Staake's illustrations, I see many things. He has a keen sense of layout, a wonderful grasp of weight, and a deftly-maneuvered forward motion in his frames.

Leo Timmers - All Through My Town
12 Apr, 2013 | Illustrator

What would happen if Richard Scarry's illustrations fell into a 3-D paint bucket? Out would come the work of Leo Timmers – an illustrator from Belgium whose work I've only just now noticed.

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