April Illustrator Spotlight

Leo Timmers - All Through My Town

12 April, 2013 | Illustration, Books

What would happen if Richard Scarry's illustrations fell into a 3-D paint bucket? Out would come the work of Leo Timmers – an illustrator from Belgium whose work I've only just now noticed. How I could've missed it, I don't know! His spreads are visually exciting and stacked with subtle scenes which pull you into every corner and nook in the page. His graphic design training is evident in the illustration's layout – a controlled chaos with a swath of various textures and geometrical shapes. Filled with warm colors and humorous details, his illustrations are a treat for those bored by the same ol' bedtime story.

All Through My Town follows a young rabbit and his mother as they stroll through various locales in your typical town. Gorillas playing guitars, bears selling bread, and much, much more takes place during the day. The words are simple, rhyming descriptions of the action happening on each spread, since the illustration does most of the talking. As the weather gets nicer and we all start walking through our own town, this is the perfect book for April.

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