June Illustrator Spotlight

Eric Rohmann - Oh, No!

10 Jun, 2013 | Illustration, Books

Having experienced the occasional heart-ache of the printmaking process in college ("… Why did it not turn out the way I sketched it?!",) I can safely say that Eric Rohmann's woodcuts are something to be impressed by. He combines his self-proclaimed early studies of comic strips with the naturalism of woodcut and, in doing so, achieves simply stunning spreads. The dynamic layouts he creates, flush with zig-zagging diagonals and swooping lines for the eye to follow, are perfectly complimented by matte blocks of color and the simplistic, earthy beauty of the medium. Rohmann takes risks with his viewpoints, but handily knows the meaning of "less is more" – leaving open (but not empty!) space for the eye to linger.

Oh, No! (written by Candace Fleming,) follows the story of a sequence of animals falling into a tiger-trap, while the tiger waits eagerly by as his potential feast grows. A sort of jungle-set There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, this book provides a rhythmic beat great for reading and a happy ending where the tiger gets his "just deserts."

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