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Book Design

I joined powerHouse Books as a design intern beginning late September, 2011. Housed in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, powerHouse is a publishing company which focuses largely on art and photography. They're connected to powerHouse Arena in addition, which both sells their titles, along with others, and serves as a space for community events.

Book design was a principal part of my 3-month internship. During this time, I worked on designs for numerous titles, including Here We Are (pictured,) The Forty Deuce, Down in the Hole, Raskols, John Wayne: The Legend and the Man, and many others. This design work was done primarily using Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Acrobat and required steady contact with authors / photographers / artists as the designs progressed.

Photo Proofing

For many of the titles, part of my internship dictated that I check for the quality of images as we received numerous rounds of proofs. Monitoring levels, resolution, etc. all ensured that the final product would print as expected. Most of this was done using Adobe InDesign tools, but tracking hard copies in addition meant that quality was maintained.

Art and photography titles like The Forty Deuce depend heavily on the interior images, so in these cases especially, photo proofing plays an important role in getting titles ready for press.

Catalog Design

Each Spring and Fall, many publishing houses put together a catalog of soon-to-be-released titles. I helped with both design and organization of the Fall 2012 catalog (pictured,) which underwent a series of revisions before being published to the powerHouse website. Choosing which photos would be used and monitoring for consistency in type and layout were key to the catalog's completion.

The final version can be found here: powerHouse Fall 2012 catalog.

HTML & CSS Coding

Powerhouse Arena (in partnership with powerHouse books) sends out events newsletters via email and publishes these to the web. Working in WordPress, I coded for these newsletters according to their established style canon and edited for style, link connection, and spelling errors.

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