Mockingbird Books

Like most of my web design work, this website was built off of the skeleton of a pre-made design and coded to fit the client's aesthetic. I prefer to work in this method, rather than building a site from scratch, as it's both the most cost-effective for the client as well as supports the work of the original web designer. This is one of my earliest projects of this type and still the one I am most proud of.

The background for the site comes from wikimedia commons - an illustration from an early 70's Iranian children's book entitled The Crows (beautifully illustrated by Nooreddin Zarrinkelk.) I've used an iframe on the main page to easily connect to the WordPress blog I set up for the client as well. This allows me to quickly update the page with their monthly newsletter and I try to use a similar system in my other work whenever possible.

All design work is coded in Adobe Dreamweaver or WordPress and photos sized and retouched in Photoshop.

the Great Hall at Green Lake

After having looked at multiple wedding venue sites, I decided it was important to put together a site which was clean, simple, and easy to navigate. The simplicity of the layout helps emphasize the elegance of the space (as seen in the pictures) as well as enables potential renters to find information easily.

Once again, I've used iframes in my design - this time in conjuction with Google Docs, so that the client can easily edit information as it changes.

R.W. Cook Associates

In this design, the highest priority was creating a site which focused on both image and detailing of the remodel projects. The client's work essentially spoke for itself, so I opted for a primarily white layout with minimal verbage and coding for galleries.

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