Visual Development

Concepting for Golden Hour

The concept for Golden Hour has had various iterations leading up to its present story. Originally this film featured a hiker with a supernatural backpack, but this concept was quickly scrapped in favor of something with more varied visuals and humor.

Below you will find some pages from my sketchbook exploring color themes and shot composition. I tend to work loosely in these beginning stages and consequently images and notes turn out to be a stream of consciousness more than anything else. These sketches were created using micron pens and prismacolor pencils.

Visual Research

In making Golden Hour, I wanted to highlight the various landscapes America's National Park system. When I'm not working as a 3D artist, I try to get ouside as much as I can and so it was important for me to share the love of outdoors through this film.

Of the many national parks I could have chosen, I tried to focus on a few with varied landscapes and natural color palettes between them. Mood is also an important factor for setting the tone of the film, so while the artistic styles of these reference images may not be the same, I felt they captured atmosphere and an overall tone which I wanted to incorporate in the final shots. All works are copyright their respective owners.


These are a selection of storyboards from my animatic. These works were created using Storyboard Pro.